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Are you seeking the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and versatility in your cycling experience?

Look no further than 8 Degree Floating, a revolutionary brand that has redefined the world of cycling with the breakthrough technology of floating pedals. We cater to all types of riders, from road enthusiasts to mountain bike aficionados, and offer solutions for every level of bike enthusiast
Explore our product features and the diverse compatibility options that make us a leader in the industry.

Understand the Revolution: How the 8 Degree Floating Pedal Transforms Cycling

Experience the transformative power of the 8 Degree Floating Pedal in this captivating video, where every turn and trail speaks to the heart of cycling innovation.

8 Degree Floating Clipless Pedals: A Breakthrough Technology in Improving Cycling Comfort and Efficiency

Top-Tier Selections for Flat and Clipless Pedals for Bicycles

Discover the ideal fusion of comfort, performance, and versatility for your cycling endeavors with 8 Degree Floating. Our revolutionary brand has transformed the cycling landscape through groundbreaking floating pedal technology.

Tailoring our offerings to a diverse range of riders, from road cycling enthusiasts to mountain bike aficionados, we provide solutions for every level of bike enthusiast.

Enhanced Comfort and Efficiency

The 8 Degree Floating Bike Pedals feature an innovative design that incorporates an 8 degree float, allowing for a comfortable and natural foot movement during the pedal stroke. This reduces strain on joints, minimizes pressure points, and optimizes pedal efficiency. Cyclists experience a smoother ride, enhanced comfort, and improved power transfer, making long rides more enjoyable.


Elevate your road cycling experience with 8 degree float clipless pedals! Maintain control, power, and efficiency. Perfect for all levels of cycling.


Are you ready to supercharge your cycling experience? 8 Degree Pedal offers enhanced cycling with every stroke you take on your cycle rides.

Truly Clipless

Discover the magic of clipless pedals for cycling! Conquer any ride with confidence with the freedom of an effortless release and no "locked in" feeling.

Seamless Performance

Invest in your well-being with pedals designed to reduce strain, minimizing the risk of injuries and ensuring sustained cycling enjoyment.

Versatile Adaptability Across Disciplines

These pedals offer versatile adaptability, making them suitable for various cycling disciplines such as road biking, mountain biking, and indoor workouts. With an adjustable float range from -4 degrees to +4 degrees, cyclists can fine-tune the pedals to match the specific demands of their chosen discipline. This adaptability ensures that riders can use the same pedals across different bikes and activities, adding convenience and flexibility to their cycling experience.

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